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Ultra-pure to guarantee uniformity and reproducibility
Minimal fi nes With no impediments to flow, separations occur quickly with no loss of chromatographic performance.
Wide range of mesh sizes allows for excellent flow rates.
Narrow particle size distribution eliminates any guesswork in scaling separation.

        VertiFlash™ Alumina is good for isolation and purifi cation of many kinds of polar compounds like alkaloids, antiobiotics, glycosides, enzymes, plant extracts and etc. There are 3 kinds of surface modifications available; “A” (Acid), “B” (Basic), and “N” (Neutral).

        Alumina PCB is a chemically and physically modifi ed Alumina for the analysis and removal of PCB’s. This material will fi nd wide use and application in/for Environmental Clean-Up, Solvent Purifi cation, Electric Utilities: Transformer Oil, Soil, Water Studies

        Alumina Pyrogen is used specifically for removal of pyrogens in solution. Pyrogens are typically complex carbohydrates which preferentially adsorb to Alumina Pyrogen. Ideal for antibiotic production and other types of bio-technology products, natural product extraction, purification & de-colorization, heavy metal removal, clean-up, and more.

        Alumina Biomass is used for removing biomass in nutraceutical or natural product purifi cation.

        Alumina Process is used for process scale removal of impurities. Its high macroporosity improves diffusion rates and the high surface area provides enhanced capacity.

        Alumina Decolor is good for removal of color, dyes and clean-up of water.

        Alumina Dioxin is developed to meet the high recovery level required for the analysis of polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans according to VDI-Regulation 3499, part I

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