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Septum Nut

      Septum nut provides consistent septum tightness, fewer bent needles, and easy leak detection. The nut contains a needle guide, ensuring that the needle consistently penetrates the septum in the same place, prolonging septum life. The guide also prevents the needle from striking the edge of the column or bending during insertion.

Septum Nuts for Perkin Elmer GCs
      • Ensure a leak-tight injection port, increase septum lifetime, and decrease maintenance   requirements.
      • Needle guide allows easy penetration and prevents septum coring.
      • Manual injection septum nut allows use of 26-gauge needles for on-column injections.
      • Made of high-quality stainless steel.

Merlin Microseal™ Kit

      The Merlin Microseal™ Septum is a long-life replacement for the standard septum on the Capillary Inlet System or the Purged-Packed Inlet System of PerkinElmer GC (not useable with the non-purged packed column inlet system). The Merlin Microseal™ is a patented dual-seal inlet assembly featuring an O-ring and “duckbill” seal. Because the syringe needle does not pierce any septum material, seal lifetime is typically greater than one year with normal GC use. Complete Kit includes the nut, two Microseal™ septa, and a PTFE liner.

      Microseal™ Septa has a lifetime of more than 2,000 injedctions depending on samples and operting condition. The Microseal™ Septum last longest when a syringe needle with a truncated cone shaped tip is used. It may also be used with the standard 0.63mm diameter (0.026", 23-gauge) needle. A sharp pointed or beveled syringe needle should not be used as it will cut or pierce the duckbill seal. Pressure ranges from 0 to 100 psi and injection port temperature up to 325oC. Easy installation on PerkinElmer GCs.

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