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VertiPak HCP-WC SPE is Polyamide-Divinylbenzene Copolymer-Carboxzypropyl, (PA-DVBC) mixed-mode polymeric sorbent offering both strong reversed phase interaction and weak cation-exchange interaction with interference-free extraction, compatability with LC-MS or GC-MS
Exhibits very high binding capacity over mixed-mode silica-based sorbent, up to 30% of sorbent weight allowing larger sample loads or a smaller sorbent bed resulting in high, reproducible recoveries and less solvent usage
Exhibits excellent mass transfer and mechanical strength for basic polar compounds in an aqueous sample or a biological fluid sample without base modifiers
Typical applications include basic drugs and metabolites from biologial fluids, environmetal pollutants from water, drugs of abuse and metabolites from urine e.g. amphetamine, methamphetamine, opiate, barbiturate, cocaine, THC
Tube format is available in 4 tube sizes
Tubes are packaged in zip sealing bag protective from moisture and light
Includes Certificate of Analysis

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