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Vertical® GC Liners
      The Vertical® GC liners are made of borosilicate glass and designed to obtain the maximum performance to ensure no loss of sample and accurate quantitation of thermally labile or reactive compounds.
       Wide selection ranges
       Fit standard instrument manufacturer's inlets
       High temperature deactivation to ensure inertness

SGE® FocusLiner™ GC Liners
      The SGE® FocusLiner™ overcomes the quartz wool shifting problem. The quartz wool is held in the correct position by means of two tapered sections in the liner. The tapered sections are located to ensure that the needle tip penetrates the secured quartz wool plug wiping any residue liquid sample from the needle tip while providing sufficient surface area for volatilisation. With the SGE FocusLiner™, a good RSD is easily achievable showing the effectiveness of the secured quartz wool.

Liner O-Rings
       Viton O-rings can be used to 200oC with low bleed and good durability.
       Graphite O-rings can be used to 450oC with non bleed and superb durability.

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