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VertiPak HBP SPE is highly cross-linked polystyrene divinylbenzene copolymer (PS-DVB) hydrophobic polymeric sorbent offering 100% reversed phase interaction and interference-free extraction, compatability with LC-MS or GC-MS
Exhibits very high binding capacity over silica, up to 30% of sorbent weight allowing larger sample loads or a smaller sorbent bed resulting in better analyte concentration
Needs no addition of amine modifiers, buffers and acids due to no silanol in PS-DVB
Typical applications include aromatics compounds, phenols from water, nitroaromatics from water, pesticides from environmental samples, PAHs from oil
Tube format is available in 4 tube sizes
Tubes are packaged in zip sealing bag protective from moisture and light
Includes Certificate of Analysis

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