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Vacuum Manifolds and Accessories
    Vacuum manifolds allow you to process multiple samples simultaneously, saving time and effort. Manifold systems come complete with the components listed below. Stainless steel or Teflon® needles are available separately.
     Includes Glass Chamber, Vacuum Valve and Gauge, Polypropylene Lid, Stopcock Valves, Collection Racks, Support Posts, Retaining Clips, Manifold Inlet Caps, Lid Legs, and Polypropylene Needles.
     The 12-Port Manifold also includes a waste containe

Drying Attachments
     Use these special drying lids to direct a gas flow into collection tubes to dry eluants. Barb is 1/4".
Replacement Parts
     Manifolds come complete with all neccessary gauges and accessories. Individual replacement parts may be sold separately.
Large Volume Samplers
    Allows for easy “In-Line” transfer of large volumes of low viscosity liquid samples directly from any sample container to SPE tubes. The Large volume samplers consist of 1/8” PTFE tubing and a screw-fitted SPE tube adapter. Vacuum pressure delivered from the vacuum manifold is used to pull the sample through the PTFE tubing into the SPE tube.
Manifold Needles
     Teflon® needles are disposable, fit many different manifold types, and eliminate cross contamination by extending into the collection tube. They also provide a complete Teflon® fluid path for samples to virtually eliminate extractables. Available plain or with a valve. Stainless Steel and Polypropylene needles are also available.
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