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An excellent alternative to Waters® mBondapakat a resonable lower price
Most methods on mBondapakcan be transfered to VertiSepIRS
Excellent Column-to-Column reproducibility
Full guarantee

     VertiSep™ IRS packings were developed to provide a physical and performance characteristics very similar to those of Waters® µBondapak™.

     VertiSep™ IRS packings provide the results indicated comparable capacity, selectivity efficiency and peak symmetry when compared to ?Bondapak™. Most methods developed on ?BondapakTM can be transfered to VertiSep™ IRS, even for USP applications.

     VertiSep™ IRS packings are manufactured to minimize lot-to-lot variation with a strict QC program to ensure excellent column-tocolumn reproducibility.

     VertiSep™ IRS packings are guaranteed separations of your samples will be comparable to separations with µBondapak™ columns. If VertiSep™ IRS does not meet your satisfaction, send in comparative data within 45 days and keep VertiSep™ IRS column for FREE.




     VertiSep™ IRS are manufactured by statistic process control of silica synthesis, bonding and column packing. The reproducible column packing method control provides exceptional efficiency, symmetry and reproducible capacity factor.



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