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Protein-based chiral HPLC phases for better performance
A wide range of chiral applications
No deriveatization required
Aqueous mobile phase can be used in the separation

    Ultron ES-OVM is a chiral separation column immobilized with ovomucoid which is strong protein for denaturation. (US PATENT 6027648 Eisai Co., LTD.) that has numerous chiral recognition sites, making it applicable to a wide range of enantiomeric compounds.
    This column recognizes hydrogen-bonding, polar, ionic, and hydrophobic sites, as well as the three-dimensional structure of sample molecules.
    Ultron ES-OVM columns are compatible with aqueous and many of the commonly used organic solvents (for example, methanol, ethanol, and acetonitrile). Organic solvent concentrations greater than 50% are not recommended.
    Typical applications include acidic and basic pharmaceuticals, pesticides and organic compounds.
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