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VertiPak SAX/Carbograph SPE is 2-layer SPE tube that contains both VertiPak Carbograph (upper layer) and VertiPak SAX(lower layer) sorbents that separated by PE frit
Specially used for multi-residue pesticides in foods e.g. vegetables, fruits
VertiPak Carbograph is non-porous graphitized carbon black that contains oxygen complexs forming positively charged chemical heterogeneities on surface offering rapid primary reversed-phase interaction for removing of organic pigments, organic acids, chlorophyll
VertiPak SAX is the strongest anion-exchanger due to always charged quaternary amine functional group that is excellent choice for multi-residue pesticides
Tube format is available in 7 tube sizes
Tubes are packaged in zip sealing bag protective from moisture and light
Includes Certificate of Analysis

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