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Hight purity Diatomaceous earth to yield accurate results
Pre-packed extraction tubes are ready-to-use
Uniform bacth-to bacth quality
Simultaneous preparation of many samples
No problems with phase separation
No formation of emulsions
High recovery rates
Saving of time and solvents
Organic solutions need not to be dried after separation

General Information
      Liquid–liquid extraction (LLE), also known as solvent extraction, has long been an effective method for clean-up lipophilic compounds in a complex aqueous matrix like e.g. biological fluids. Liquid-liquid extractions with traditional separating funnel are often used. There are some disadvantages; multiple extractions required for high recovery rates, formation of emulsions, poor phase separation and high solvent consumption.

     VertiPak™ LLE tube is packed with high purity and high surface area diatomaceous earth (also know as Kieselguhr material). Diatomaceous earth acts as an extraction enhancer by dispersing of sample and adsorbing of water. VertPak™ LLE can be used within pH range of 1-13. VertPak™ LLE is a fast, reproducible and economical alternative to classical liquid-liquid extractions, with the following benefits:

     • simultaneous preparation of many samples
     • no problems with phase separation
     • no formation of emulsions
     • high recovery rates
     • saving of time and solvents
     • organic solutions need not to be dried after separation

      VertiPak™ LLE has a broad range of applications for or the extraction of physiological fluids, such as urine, blood, serum, plasma, or others, in clinical chemistry. Other applications are the analysis of dyes in textiles, environmental and food analysis. A fractionated elution of acidic and basic compounds can be applied in the analysis of pharmaceuticals and their metabolites. VertiPak™ LLE is also ideally suited for removing small amounts of water from solvents which are not miscible with water.

Extraction Procedures
      There are 4 steps :
      1. Add the aqueous sample to the dry VertiPak™ LLE tube.
      2. Wait 3-5 minutes
      3. Add the first aliquot of organic extraction solvent and collect.
      4. Add the second aliquot of organic extraction solvent and collect.


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