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Hight purity packings to yield accurate results
Pre-packed extraction kits and dispersive SPE kits are assembled to suit specific food types and screening protocols
Dispersive SPE are supplied in 2mL or 15mL centrifuge tubes, for 1 mL, 6 mL aliquot volumes as specified by the various QuEChERS methodologies

QuEChERS, the New Method for Multi-Residue Pesitcides
     QuEChERS (pronounced “Catchers”), an acronym for Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe, is a new sample preparation and clean-up method for analysis of multi-residue pesticides in friuts and vegetables samples by combination of liquid-liquid extraction and matrix dispersion SPE technique. QuEChERS offers the broad adventages over conventional SPE for multi-residue pesticides analysis
     • Quick : high sample throughput
     • Easy : a few easy steps
     • Cheap : reduces reagent costs and labor costs
     • Effective : high recoveries and accurate results
     • Rugged : reduce glassware usage and required small and less bench space
     • Safe : low non-chlorinated solvent usage


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