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Premium CenterGuide™ Septa
      Premium CenterGuide™ septa are premium silicone rubber precision molded for a more accurate fit in the injection port than inferior stamped septa. A small recess, the “CenterGuide”, is added in the center of the disk, as well as a small indentation around the outside diameter. The CenterGuide focuses the needle to the same point for each injection providing easy penetration, reduced needle bending and minimizing coring. The proprietary cleaning process after molding is used to provide lowest bleed. Premium septa offer the longest average injection lifetime at the highest injection port temperatures. Septa are carefully processed, then packaged in glass vials.
      • BTO® - Bleed and Temperature Optimized - For highest temperature use, with lowest bleed and outstanding injection life. Ideal for use with “Mass Spec” capillary columns.
      • Marathon™ - For long injection life, minimal coring. Soft, 45 durometer, easy on autosampler
      • Advanced Green 3™ - Long life, plasma coating eliminates sticking in the injection port

General Purpose Septa
      General Purpose Septa are made from an enhanced injection-molded silicone rubber material. The septa material is specified to withstand over 200 automatic injections.
      • Ultrsep® R septa are good low-bleed with a temperature setpoint of 350oC.
      • Economy Blue Septa are designed for non-demanding, routine applications. Maximum temperature setpoint is 250oC.


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